About the film

One in six women in the U.S  report mistreatment during childbirth.

BioMed Central Study (2019)

The American hospital system can be daunting and unpredictable. Bloom follows four birth workers making reproductive care safer and more accessible in their community.

Journey with three couples and the doulas they partner with to achieve a safe and confident birth experience. Bloom, a feature-length documentary explores the work doulas are doing to fill gaps in the medical system. Doulas partner with expectant parents to assist them in advocating for themselves during pregnancy and birth. Having an educated advocate by one’s side during birth can not only safeguard against trauma but, quite literally be the difference between life and death, notably for BIPOC birthing parents.

Following an ensemble cast of doulas and birthing parents, the feature-length film encompasses a breadth of experiences and challenges of giving birth at this moment. Stories about challenges in gynecological care are making headlines right now for important reasons. Those stories do need to be told and the public needs to understand those consequences. But while those stories are about how America makes it harder for people who need gynecological care to receive that care, this story is about the people who are making healthcare access an easier and positive experience.