Jessica Aldavé

Jessica is going through her first pregnancy at age 35. Her family’s joy at her pregnancy journey is palpable despite all the complications surrounding her birth.

Jessica Bower

Jessica, a certified doula, lactation consultant, and childbirth educator, approaches her profession with a candidness her clients relish. Her lack of squeamishness, humor, and candor demystifies the process of childbirth for the birthing parents she supports.

ShLanda Burton

ShLanda Burton is the founder of the National Birth Coalition in Winston Salem, NC. A Community-based Doula organization filling the severe birth disparity gaps in the North Carolina maternity care system. You can read more about ShLanda Burton on the Executive Producer page.

Sarah Carter

Sarah’s gentle spirit has guided women through childbirth for almost 14 years. Sarah’s passion for the systemic injustices she sees within the medical field of birth propelled her to pursue nursing school with plans to become a certified nurse-midwife.  

Rachel Pryor

Rachel and her husband Lee are first-time parents who could not be more opposite. Rachel, a theater major in college, is affable and straightforward, while Lee is thoughtful with a quietly pithy sense of humor. Rachel’s birth story illustrates the importance of having a doula to guide parents through unanticipated circumstances.

Ka’Tiera Truett

Ka’Tiera is a trained birth and postpartum doula, a mom of one and has birthed two babies as a surrogate. Her hope is to inform clients of all the options available to them for pregnancy and birth. She works hard to ensure that the beauty of the birth experience isn’t lost.

Delaney Weaver

After a traumatic birthing experience with her first child, Delaney swore she would not have another baby unless she was working with a doula. Delaney guided by Sarah and Jessica is hoping for a hospital water birth where her voice is heard.